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#russian is an IRC channel where Russians (and not Russians) from all around the wo.. er, Net meet to chat, exchange news and kick each other's butt ;). Unfortunately for some of us (and fortunately for others), it happened that citizens of the former USSR are scattered around the world and some of them who knew each other before need visas and other bureaucratic shit to meet each other in person. Thus, #russian is the only way for such people to converse with their relatives and friends who may live in hundreds of kilometers from them.

Right now, we have people from 12 countries including USA, Israel, Canada, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, Latvia and, of course, Russia itself. Most of them are either students or programmers (who else has unlimited access to the Net? :)). Although most of the time you will see only random chat on this channel, some serious discussion may also take place, especially between 22:00 and 24:00 EST. Often, talk ends on some other channel nearby in a smaller company for it is difficult to talk seriously in a mess of 20-30 voices.

Although many of us speak English, don't be offended if you are asked to speak Russian here: many of us get tired of non-native languages and prefer to take rest on #russian speaking Russian. Nevertheless, if you type "PRIVET!" after joining #russian, it is most likely that somebody will respond :).

#russian is a relatively anarchistic place i.e., you can say anything you want, but at the same time anybody who doesn't like what you say can kick you out. Please, remember that #russian is a public channel. Therefore, whatever you do, it should not be annoying to others. Flooders, megadeoppers and other assholes are banned. Remember:

Those who screw get screwed.

Here, you can get a group picture of some of the #russian's regulars (an old one, so most of the people on it were on #russian at least since 1994), and two papers about IRC written by Gaika and Max Presnyakov, and Emigrant (both in KOI8).

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