Computer History

This page is dedicated to the history of computing in general, and the history of personal computing in particular. Here, you will find a lot of bits and pieces of information about computers that were and are no longer. Some of them are still alive in the shape of emulators. Others are still being used by the scaterred groups of users, but are neither produced nor officially supported any longer. All of them have a great historical value though, as they provide us with a view on the beginning of the Digital Age we live in (not to mention that some of those old machines were quite more superior technologically than your present PC clone, or a Mac). Enjoy :).

[#] Prehistoric Computers [to 1952] by Mark Brader
[#] The Complete [?] List of Digital Computers by Bruce P. Watson
[#] Chronology of Events in the History of Microcomputers by Ken Pollson
[#] Analytical Engine by Computer History Association of California
[#] The Home Computer Hall of Fame by Chris Stratford
[#] The Home Computer Timeline by Chris Stratford
[#] The Old Computers List by Mark Robinson
[#] Robert Manners' Computer Museum
[#] Le Musee d'Histoire Informatique by Philippe Dubois

[#] Computer Emulators Archive at
[#] Emulation Research and Development Page


This section contains history, characteristics, links to information sources and emulators for the various computer systems. Computer Manufacturers:


We feel that it is necessary to provide this information here because videogame consoles are generally a special kind of computers. Some of them [like Atari 2600] played a significant role in computer evolution.


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[#] Great CPUs of the Past and Present by John Bayko CPU Manufacturers:
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