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Information about GameBoy hardware and programming is extremely hard to find. Most of it is incomplete, uncertain and vague. If you have any new information, PLEASE, email it to me. The following information is mostly based on a document by Pan of Anthrox, Jeff Frohwein's, Pascal Felber's, and my own findings.

GameBoy connector pinouts (not complete)

GameBoy circuitry (not complete)

Full Schematics

These schematics were discovered and plotted by Jeff Frohwein. They are more complete than the ones above. The MBC schematics are made by Pascal Felber, who also wrote a document on GameBoy cartridges, MBCs, and their programming.

Hardware Projects

The following circuits were developed by Jeff Frohwein, who does quite a lot of hardware hacking on GameBoy.

Jeff's Hardware Setup

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