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How it works?

GameGenie allows you to substitute some of the codes in the cartridge ROM with your own codes. For example, you can substitute the default number of lives with your own number. GameBoy GameGenie allows to substitute up to three codes.

Where to get the codes?

GameBoy GameGenie codes are available from Galoob WWW site at


What do the digits in the code mean?

(to be updated)

Hidden messages in GB GameGenie

Press following buttons at the Code Entry Screen:
  1. U D L R
  2. B A L R [SELECT]
  3. U U A B A D D
  4. R U D U L U D U
  5. B A B R L D U
  6. A A A A B B B [START]
  7. R L R L D D U U
  8. A B A B A A [SELECT]
  9. A L L A B R R B
Taken from Game Player Magazine, May 1994.

CodeMasters' address and phone number

Lower Farm House,
CV33 0DL
Phone: +44 926 814132

Why some GameGenie codes don't work?

Some games exist in several different versions. Although these versions look exactly the same, the actual program codes differ. Therefore, while some GameGenie codes work with one version of the cartridge, they aren't guaranteed to work with other versions.
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